GPS Tracking For Auto Finance


Don't let customers take off with your investments without securing them first! GPS tracking is by far the best investment a buy here pay here dealership or anyone doing subprime auto financing can make. With our reliable technology and high-speed networking, lenders can protect their portfolios by knowing the exact location of each and every vehicle they have financed.

Not only that, but our starter disable feature allows vehicles to be turned off in the event of non-payment. Simply click a button to send the starter disable command, and the next time a customer tries to start their car, they will be unable to. This kick-starts the collection process and prompts them to call in and make a full or partial payment. This method of enforcing payments can be extremely effective in helping customers stick to their payment schedules.

Teaching customers to pay on time reduces the need for repossessions and helps lenders save money on the costs associated, while allowing them to get paid on time. And in the event of a repossession, lenders are able to see exactly where a vehicle its, making recovery much less time consuming.


CalAmp LMU 200

This unit is prepaid, and has has no monthly fees! Features include:

BACKUP BATTERY: Lets you know if the vehicle has the battery disconnected or is running low.

TOW ALERT: This is one of the most valuable features included! Prevent impounds as well as mechanic liens and even get alerted before your vehicle reaches it's destination!

TAMPER ALERT: Get alerted as soon as your device is tampered with or removed. Even after the device is removed, it will continue to function using the built in backup battery.

ADDRESS VERIFICATION: Our system will automatically put together a list of the vehicle/asset's most frequent locations. This is a great feature for verifying home and work addresses. And a go-to for skip tracking.

STARTER INTERRUPT FEATURE: Our starter interrupt technology lets lenders disable vehicles with the click of a button to kick-start the collection process and ensure that the vehicle doesn't leave town.

4G ON VERIZON: Our devices operate on the largest Next-Generation LTE network in the country to provide superior coverage for our customers, to ensure that their assets are protected no matter where they go.

MOBILE APP: View and manage your entire portfolio from the palm of your hand!

With our GPS technology and high-speed LTE networking, auto lenders are able to disable car starters in a matter of seconds. With just the click of a button, the commands are sent and the vehicle is effectively disabled. And in the event of a repossession, the software can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle for a rapid and easy recovery.