How can my business benefit from GPS devices? / by Raymond Maas

While it may be difficult to remember a time when we didn’t have information so readily available at our fingertips, the inception of satellite operated GPS devices was almost forty years ago!  We’ve come a long way, and not just the military is using the potential of these devices.

So, who can benefit from GPS tracking?  While this list may not be comprehensive, it does show the most common industries that seek out and utilize our GPS locating services.

Any and All Fleets!

1:  Home Service Businesses

     A:  Landscaping

     B:  Pest Control

     C:  Restaurant Delivery

     D:  Plumbing

     E:  Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation companies

     F:  Home and Specialty Contractors

2:  Industrial Businesses

     A:  Chemical Companies – monitor and ensure the safe handling of hazardous materials

     B:  Construction/Destruction Companies – wide variety of vehicles and heavy equipment and monitoring needs

3:  Commercial Businesses

     A:  Towing

     B:  Trucking

     C:  Utilities

     D:  Food and Beverage trucks

     E:  Buy-Here Pay-Here Car Lot

     F:  Golf Courses

4:  Institutional Organizations

     A:  Governments – snowplows, street sweepers, garbage trucks, road maintenance vehicles, etc.

     B:  Schools – campus security vehicles, facilities and maintenance vehicles and more

     C:  Emergency Service Providers – police fleets, fire trucks, and ambulances

     D:  Charities

5:  Personal

     A:  Your vehicle – Get the benefits of an insurance deduction

     B:  Your child’s vehicle – Place geo-fences around areas to get alerts for when they leave or arrive in the areas you personally designate


So, why is GPS Tracking worth your consideration?

Apart from mentioning the obvious transportation problem: “where are my vehicles?” here are a few commonly overlooked benefits:

1:  Reduce Operating Expenses – choose the most convenient and shortest routes, reduce fuel consumption and overtime costs.

2:  Save Time – “Time is the most valuable asset you can’t get back.”  With the best and least congested roads utilized from GPS information, you can get what you want, where you want, when you want it.  

3:  Reduce Downtime – Efficiency is key to maximize productivity.

4:  Optimize Resources – Gives detailed insights on fuel consumption, driver behavior, engine idling, etc.

5:  Reduce Insurance Costs – Insurance companies grant discounts to those using GPS tracking systems (anti-theft and asset location).

6:  Maximize Vehicle Utilization – Use data collected from the GPS device to eliminate vehicle idle time, prevent unnecessary wear and tear and fuel consumption.

7:  Keep Customers Happy – Respond and reach customers in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining your planned work-flow without skipping a beat.

8: Predictability – In the transportation world, uncertainly is our worst enemy.  Provide accurate delivery times, real-time tracking info or other pertinent details.

9:  Manage Field Staff and Drivers Effectively – One word: Accountability.  Be sure those who work for you are supporting your company’s image.

10:  Optimize Financial Book Keeping – With the data collected by the GPS, you will be able to create a comprehensive profit and loss analysis and allocate your budget accordingly.

11:  Un-paralleled Route Planning

12:  Locate Your Assets – Some devices are equipped with vehicles diagnostics readers, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicators, reefer truck temperatures, etc.

13:  Reduce Maintenance Costs – GPS devices can effectively help ensure accurate vehicle maintenance schedules, monitor the vehicle’s performance, driver behavior, and essentially the overall “health” of the vehicle.

14:  Easy to Use – With the critical information already collected via driver location, vehicle status, and driver behavior, your fleet manager will be able to access real-time data from anywhere on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

15:  Timely Alerts – Our programs can send SMS or email alerts when your vehicle goes outside/inside of a work zone, home, school, etc (geo-fencing), gets into an accident or monitor other areas and prevent other mishaps.

16:  Improve Safety

17:  Digital Time-Keeping – Eliminate billing and dispatch discrepancies.

18:  Organized – Get rid of all that unnecessary paperwork!  Not only does it help your company stay green, the system can automatically track and store data and present it in a user-friendly form (ie travel logs, run time, mileage, site time).

19:  Be Competitive – Stay one step ahead of your competition.

20:  Comply with Laws and Regulations – Many companies are needing to transfer over to a GPS Tracking device simply to comply with laws and regulations ie. FSMA and ELD mandate.

Bonus: For those in the Buy-Here Pay-Here Car Lot industry, we have devices that provide address verification, job verification, impound alerts, tow alerts, a starter-disruptor, and more!


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