What To Look For When Choosing A GPS Installation Service Provider / by Raymond Maas

When choosing a provider for your technology installations it's important to make sure they have the following qualifications:

Experience: The company/Installer should be well versed in most makes and models of vehicles and equipment they will working on, as well as have the ability to adapt to new or customized equipment.

Benefit: By having an experienced company perform your installation work you'll know that the work is being done in a fast, effective manner! This means less downtime for your fleet vehicles and equipment.

Product Knowledge: Making sure the installation company has comprehensive product knowledge, or the ability to be properly trained on new equipment is crucial to the success of your technology deployment. Poor knowledge of equipment and its functions can lead to faulty installations and more downtime.

Benefit: By choosing an installation provider with proper product training and knowledge, you can ensure that your equipment is being installed correctly and that all of the included features work flawlessly.

Excellent Customer Service: Choosing a company with great customer service and personable staff is another key component to a successful telematics deployment. Great communication and scheduling are of the utmost importance when scheduling appointments for vehicles to be fitted with new technology. Improper scheduling can make or break a large deployment and lead to frustrated drivers, managers and can greatly slow progress.

Benefit: By selecting a company with great customer service you'll be sure that your deployment will go on with minimal interruption to your business operations and that things will continue smoothly. Should an issue arise, great communication is key to getting back on track and resolving an issue with minimal downtime.


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