10 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Telematics Solution by Raymond Maas

1:  Why should I go with THIS telematics solution?  What does this company offer that the other companies do not?


2:  Is the software easy to navigate?  Does the software provide me with the tools I need?


3:  Does this telematics provider have responsive and dedicated customer service agents?  Can I speak with a person (not a robot) and will they be easy to understand?


4:  Do they offer a mobile app?


5:  Does this telematics company have experience? 


6:  Does this company offer installation services?


7:  Does this company provide devices and software that can track all my diverse assets on one platform?


8:  Does this company require me to sign a contract?


9:  Is this company straight forward?


10:  Will this telematics solution solve multiple problems?


Bonus:  Does this company take a consultative approach to assisting me in my decision for a telematics solution?


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