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Sentinel $229


The all-new Sentinel makes professional-grade GPS tracking a snap. Extremely easy to use, this tracker has completely done away with external batteries, cases, and wires. With wireless charging capability (requires optional charging pad) and three internal magnets with over 80 lbs. of pull, this tracker mounts flush to the frame of a vehicle making it virtually unnoticeable. Finally, a professional-grade GPS tracker that's easy enough for anyone to use!


Sentry $169


Our Sentry tracker is great for owners of small businesses, parents, and anyone who needs to keep track of what matters to them. This is a battery-powered device with a built-in accelerometer, which allows you to conserve battery life when your target isn't moving. Whether you are a parent looking to keep tabs on your child by putting one in their backpack, or a business owner looking to track a shipment in real time, the Sentry offers reliable performance and ease of use.


LMU 200 1 Year $119


GPS tracking your vehicles and other assets can be the best investment you ever make! Protect everything in your portfolio with our reliable GPS tracking devices running on the award winning CalAmp Lender Outlook software platform, which includes a host of valuable features including:

BACKUP BATTERY: Lets you know if the vehicle has the battery disconnected or is running low.

TOW ALERT: This is one of the most valuable features included! Prevent impounds as well as mechanic liens and even get alerted before your vehicle reaches it's destination!

TAMPER ALERT: Get alerted as soon as your device is tampered with or removed. Even after the device is removed, it will continue to function using the built in backup battery.

ADDRESS VERIFICATION: Our system will automatically put together a list of the vehicle/asset's most frequent locations. This is a great feature for verifying home and work addresses. And a go-to for skip tracking.

STARTER INTERRUPT FEATURE: Our starter interrupt technology lets lenders disable vehicles with the click of a button to kick-start the collection process and ensure that the vehicle doesn't leave town.

CDMA ON VERIZON: Our devices operate on the largest Next-Generation CDMA network in the country to provide superior coverage for our customers, to ensure that their assets are protected no matter where they go.

MOBILE APP: View and manage your entire portfolio from the palm of your hand!

This unit includes 3 years of service, has has no monthly fees and additional tracking after 3 years is $20.00/year