Our Scout tracker is a complete "plug and play" solution, installing in just a matter of seconds to any vehicle from 1996 and newer, by plugging into the On-Board Diagnostic port, or "OBD" port. It is also compatible with a splitter cable, which allows the device to be hidden completely under the dashboard and retain the look and functionality of the factory diagnostic port. This highly advanced device allows users to view the ignition status to see if a vehicle is running, logs mileage, monitors driver behavior such as acceleration, braking and turning behavior, and also has the ability to notify the owner of any engine related trouble codes.

Key Features

  • Plug and play-installs in seconds under the dash of vehicles 1996 and newer. Mobile app for Android and iOS for tracking on the go.

  • Real-time GPS updates up to every 15 seconds. Nationwide coverage (USA)

  • View location details with Google Maps, store up to 6 months of driving history online and set custom geo-fences with text and email alerts.

  • Track one vehicle, or hundreds! and monitor unsafe driving behaviors like hard cornering, acceleration and braking.

  • Try before you buy! Call 317-662-4636 for a free demo login and live software training.

  • $22.50 A Month | No Activation Fees | No Contracts | No Termination Fees