GPS SmartSole®

Monitoring Service


Use a computer, tablet or smartphone to go online and view the location history on a map. Just login to the online portal, no additional software needed. Simply login to your account and the map is right there!


You can easily track the GPS SmartSole on a map where you can see a pin marking the last location and the tracking trail. The map will tell you the address of the GPS SmartSole, whether it was stopped or in motion, the direction it was headed, as well as the time of the update.


You may share the access to your account on the Monitoring Portal with as many people as you want. Multiple caregivers can log in at the same time so GPS SmartSole empowers your whole care giving team! Or check out the Concierge Live Operator Plan for 24 hour assistance.


For caregivers on the go, use the SmartLocator App, included in your monitoring plan, to get location updates at the touch of a button. App download for iOs Apple App Store & Android Google Play Store

Port-Free Charging

Charging your GPS SmartSole is very easy! Simply place the SmartSole® on the inductive charging pad. Align the SmartSole® so the charging symbol on the bottom of the insole is on the center of the charging pad, and adjust the SmartSole™ until the status light is solid blue and the charging pad beeps.

It takes up to two hours to fully charge your GPS SmartSole®. We recommend charging your SmartSole® daily, in the same manner as a smartphone or tablet.

On average, GPS SmartSole can last between 1-2 days on a single charge. Individual, actual use may vary between 18 – 48 hours per charge. Continuous motion, long drives, and areas of poor 2G connectivity may drain the battery more rapidly. Just like your cell phone…


The GPS SmartSole® is available in two trim-to-fit sizes for adolescents and adults.